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Little People Series - Find the Red Button! • 小小人兒來幫忙:紅色鈕扣找一找

Little People Series - Find the Red Button! • 小小人兒來幫忙:紅色鈕扣找一找

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Little People series by Chihiro Nakagawa. No matter how big the task is - from baking cakes, rescuing lost cat to helping turtles. The Little People with their BIG machines can get the job done with precision.

The red button from the rabbit stuffy' s eyes has gone missing, and Mom urgently requests the assistance of the Little People, "Please help me find it!" In no time, the determined Little People located the button. Oh no! It's in the fish tank. What do they do now?

Cranes, trucks, submarines, excavators, and the Little people showcase their skills in a grand display of teamwork! Watch as they work together to overcome challenges and accomplish the mission.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | 40pages | 29.7 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm

Publisher: Tien-Wei Publishing • 小魯

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