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Little Monsters in the Ocean • 海洋裡的小妖怪

Little Monsters in the Ocean • 海洋裡的小妖怪

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These stories won't leave you crying in fear, Instead, they'll guide you on what to do, They're like a series of 'fear-busting' adventures!

They're a bit scary but incredibly exciting! Each monster you meet helps you conquer fear a bit more! Soon, you'll be braver and more imaginative, understanding how to stay safe!

Encounter a sea monk? Terrifying! But falling into the sea and meeting a shark? Even scarier! And those sticky jellyfish ghost fires? Ignore them—maybe they'll even become dinner! Turns out, facing monsters isn't so scary after all! Plus, you'll learn to be safer by the seaside!

Book Highlights:

  1. Funny stories introduce various sea monsters!
  2. Inspires kids to face fear with humor!
  3. Stay safe by knowing when and where not to go!

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 6-8

Hardcover | 80pages | 14.8 cm x 1.12 cm x 21 mm

Publisher: Suncolor • 三采

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