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Kudo Noriko 工藤紀子

Little Chicks Go Camping • 小雞去露營

Little Chicks Go Camping • 小雞去露營

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Join the Little Chicks and their family on a camping adventure! However when they get lost in the forest while collecting mushrooms, they're rescued by the kind kappa family, who lead them back to their parents. Together, they enjoy a delicious and hearty campfire dinner, making it an exciting and memorable camping experience!

"Little Chicks Go Camping" allows children to experience camping and connect with nature through a picture book. They'll encounter the wonders and sometimes dangers of plants and environments in nature. Notably, when the chicks face difficulties while collecting mushrooms, the help and assistance from the kappa family teach them valuable life lessons and the importance of friendship. This book sparks children's interest in camping and teaches them life skills.

Discussion topics:
Wasn't the chicks' camping trip exciting and fun?

Why not choose a sunny holiday and go camping with your whole family?
Before you go, let your child pack their own bags and think about what to bring camping.

  • 👕Extra clothes
  • Sleeping bags
  • 🔦Flashlights
  • What else?...

Outdoor activities can be risky, so discuss with your child what to watch out for while camping!

  • Don't wander off alone; always tell an adult where you're going.
  • Don't eat or pick wild plants.
  • 🏕️Keep the campsite clean and tidy; don't litter
  • What else?...

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 36pages | 200 mm x 10 mm x 200 mm

Publisher: Tien-Wei Publishing • 小魯

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