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Let's Go, Toothbrush Train! • 出發囉!刷牙號小火車

Let's Go, Toothbrush Train! • 出發囉!刷牙號小火車

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"I Don't Want to Brush My Teeth!" is probably something you hear everyday. 

Children often dislike brushing their teeth! But what if a toothbrush transforms into a little train? Could that make children open their mouths?

A little boy hates brushing his teeth, but when the Toothbrush Train appears before him, earnestly inviting him to brush, the little boy willingly opens his mouth!

The Toothbrush Train lights up, illuminating the food particles, corn kernels, and stubborn meat residues in his mouth. Thanks to the Toothbrush Train, they cleaned it all up!

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 0-2

Hardcover | 28pages | 200 mm x 80 mm x 200 mm

Publisher: 012book • 青林

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