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Saito Shinobu 齊藤忍

Let's Go Shopping! • 逛商店街

Let's Go Shopping! • 逛商店街

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Welcome! Step into the world of bustling shops where every craving is catered to. From cake shops, sushi bars, and seafood stalls offering delectable treats to stationery stores, bookshops, and toy emporiums filled with irresistible goods, it's impossible not to exclaim, "I want everything!"

Here, you'll find a plethora of dining options ranging from bakeries, traditional Japanese sweet shops, fruit stands, ramen joints, to pickle vendors and seafood markets. Beyond food, there are stationery shops, bookstores, fabric stores, toy shops, and bag boutiques to explore. Take a break at a café or pamper yourself with a haircut when fatigue sets in!

The bakery opens at 8 am with freshly baked bread—join in for some morning exercises! Look closely, and you'll spot personified product characters engaging in various activities hidden throughout the shops. Can you find them all? For added fun, the author has hidden secrets between the pages, such as whom Mr. Horse plans to give his flowers to and why the kimono shop is closed today. Look out for hidden clocks, acorns, and envelopes waiting for you to discover!

Author Saito Shinobu spent 10 years conceptualizing and 5 years creating this book. With meticulous observations and detailed notes from real-life shops, she meticulously designed 37 unique stores, each brimming with character and imbued with a vibrant sense of daily life, making it impossible to leave.

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Traditional Chinese

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 152pages | 160 mm x 213 mm x 145 mm

Publisher: Hsinex • 上誼

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