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Serena Y. Li

Kitty Learns a New Lesson (Cantonese with Jyutping) 貓仔學識新本領

Kitty Learns a New Lesson (Cantonese with Jyutping) 貓仔學識新本領

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A Cantonese bilingual, social emotional learning board book for ages 0-5, written in colloquial Cantonese Chinese, Jyutping, and English.

貓仔學識新本領: Kitty Learns a New Lesson is a story about children’s independence and responsibility. Let the relatable scenes between Mommy and Kitty encourage children to ask for help, while inspiring parents to practice gentle parenting.

This 18-page premium board book’s adorable illustrations and relatable dialogues will attract cat lovers and others alike. If you want to teach manners, etiquette, and respect with your child, who is overly excited about their newfound independence, and you find it a challenge to manage your own emotions — this book can help.

Guidelines for meaningful conversations at different ages:

Ages 1 and under: Encourage your child to read by pointing out the adorable illustrations, and reading with a soothing voice. Be dramatic and fun. If you are up for it, try different voices and tones with the dialogues!

Ages 1-2: Read the simple phrases as they learn to talk. These positive phrases will become part of their vocabulary and will help guide them as they grow. Point out objects in the book to help them build vocabularies. Encourage them to act like the characters, and copy the emotions on their faces.

Ages 3-5: Open the discussion with your child. Ask them in each page: How does Kitty feel right now? Why does Kitty feel this way? Why does Mommy feel this way? What would you do if you are Kitty? All of these prompts help your little reader grow their vocabularies, and their abilities to identify and empathize with the character's emotions. This is also a great time to relate to situations you've experience in real life with your child, recount a time when there was conflict, and how you two resolved it together.

All Duck Duck Books are printed using plant based ink on paper sourced from sustainable forests. This book is 100% written and designed by American People of Color.

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Bilingual Traditional Cantonese with Jyutping

Age 3-5

Board Book | 18pages | 6.5 in x x 6.5 in

Publisher: Duck Duck Books

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