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Lai Ma 賴馬

I'm Breathing Fire! (with CD) • 我變成一隻噴火龍了!(創作20周年紀念版)

I'm Breathing Fire! (with CD) • 我變成一隻噴火龍了!(創作20周年紀念版)

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Experience the magic of "I'm Breathing Fire 我變成一隻噴火龍了" by the esteemed author - illustrator. Lai Ma (賴馬).

Meet Porter, the buzzing mosquito with an appetite for trouble. Porter thrives on sucking the blood of irate individuals, triggering the 'fire-breathing disease.' When Gooly, becomes Porter's target, the stakes are high. Breathing fire isn't an ailment, it poses a lethal threat. especially when he turns down his bedroom and his food. What trials will Gooly face while grappling with uncontrollable flames? Only one solution exists to break this fiery curse.


  • Comical approach to emotional control
  • Numerous hidden details in the vivid illustration
  • Bilingual Mandarin - English CD 

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | 52pages | 261 mm x 73 mm x 250 mm

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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