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I Am Booger Grandpa • 我的鼻屎爺爺

I Am Booger Grandpa • 我的鼻屎爺爺

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My grandfather was a booger-flicking expert, teaching me his secret technique and making me his sole heir to this peculiar skill. We shared many secrets because we truly loved each other. When I discovered my loose tooth while practicing booger flicking, I rushed to show it to my grandparents, but my mom seemed concerned. At the hospital, I eagerly showed my tooth to my grandfather, but it fell out when he touched it. Distraught, I asked him how to say goodbye to something I loved so much. He reassured me, comparing the tooth's regrowth to nails or hair, and said I'm like the new tooth he leaves behind in this world. This realization comforted me, knowing I'm a part of him, a reflection. With this secret, I can remember him whenever I miss him. Saying goodbye is inevitable, but not everyone can hold onto such special secrets. Thankfully, we have cherished memories to keep our loved ones close, even after they're gone.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 6-8

Hardcover | 44pages | 220 mm x 10 mm x 280 mm

Publisher: China Times Publishing • 時報

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