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Hmm... What Will You Make? • 咦?會做出什麼呢?

Hmm... What Will You Make? • 咦?會做出什麼呢?

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"What Can You Make?" takes the familiar theme of toys and encourages reverse thinking. Through toys, it helps children establish and learn the concept that "toys are made up of many components." This book enhances children's abilities in observation, thinking, logical reasoning, and the cultivation of abstract causal concepts. It includes five different toy themes, embarking on a journey of exploration starting from everyday life. It is a STEAM concept picture book that both adults and children can enjoy, immersing themselves in the world of imaginative play.

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Hardcover | 32 pages|20 x 20 cm

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Traditional Chinese

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: 台灣麥克(聯寶)

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