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Happy Moon Cake Shop • 幸福月餅店

Happy Moon Cake Shop • 幸福月餅店

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Turn back time to the 1980s, where a story around a traditional bakery highlights the heartwarming and nostalgic scenes of early Taiwan during a traditional holiday!

Mooncakes are the food of Mid-Autumn Festival. Round mooncakes symbolize reunion (團圓). We pass blessings through mooncakes, like in the story of Happy Mooncake Shop, where the author uses his childhood memory of a traditional bakery to take readers on a nostalgic journey of mooncake-making process.

From preparing materials, to washing salted eggs, to tapping mooncake molds, to baking and finally packaging them, understand the traditional mooncake production process with this cute little story!

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Traditional Chinese

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Win Fortune • 小文房

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