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HamBaangLaang - Full Collection (8 Sets/40 Books) • 冚唪唥全套 1-8 (40 本)

HamBaangLaang - Full Collection (8 Sets/40 Books) • 冚唪唥全套 1-8 (40 本)

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HamBaangLaang is a set of booklets written in Cantonese (粵文) or colloquial / spoken Cantonese (白話 / 口語)

Each booklet contains a story in Cantonese, with jyutping and visual tonal chart.  At the end of the booklet, the written Chinese (書面) is also available for comparison.

Each booklet has an English story that shares the same illustrations, but not necessary the same plot line as the Chinese story.

Cantonese/English audio is available for free if you need to hear native pronunciation.

The booklets are graded by levels of difficulty in spoken vocabulary based on the Hong Kong education system. Level 1 corresponds to Lower Kindergarten, Level 2 & 3 corresponds to Upper Kindergarten, and Levels 4 & 5 corresponds to Primary 1.

Created in Hong Kong, stories also include fun facts of Chinese culture and everyday life in Hong Kong.


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Traditional Cantonese with Jyutping

Paperback | pages | x x

Publisher: Hambaanglaang 冚唪唥

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