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Habbi Habbi: Book of Family

Habbi Habbi: Book of Family

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With our Book of Family, kids experience different family structures - from multigenerational, to single-parent, to blended families and more. This book also has a family tree, reminding kids how to address different family members - for example, in Chinese, names for maternal vs paternal grandparents, uncles and aunts on different sides of the family - are different, and it's so hard to keep track! 

Bilingual book in Mandarin with simplified Chinese and pinyin  (one hardcover board book). Reading Wand NOT included.

Book type: Sentence book

Spreads: Traditional nuclear, Multigenerational, LGBTQ, Single-parent, Adoptive , Blended, Family tree

Every inch is tappable:
Tap left-side sentences: To hear it read aloud
Tap right-side boxes: To hear vocabulary, objects in scene
Tap the characters: To hear their expressions and conversation
Tap the rest of the illustration: Explore the environments the family is in
Tap white space: For a fun musical tune!

Product Details

Bilingual Simplified with Pinyin

Age 3-5

Board Book | pages | 10.5 in x 1 in x 10.5 in

Publisher: Habbi Habbi

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