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Lai Ma 賴馬

Guess Who I Am? (20th Anniversary Edition) • 猜一猜 我是誰?(創作20週年紀念版)

Guess Who I Am? (20th Anniversary Edition) • 猜一猜 我是誰?(創作20週年紀念版)

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Award-winning author, Lai Ma (賴馬), brings to young readers another story with his vibrant illustrations and witty storytelling!

Embark on a delightful journey with 33 charming characters in the animal village. The narrator invites children to join an exciting outing and play a guessing game to discover who the mysterious character is. With hints provided page by page, young readers can unravel the mystery, adding an interactive layer to the storytelling.

In this book, there are opportunities to count everything from numbers (Arabic, Roman, Chinese) to the number of trees, caterpillars, spiders... by 3, 6, 7, or 12.

The hide-and-seek concept will also make it fun for readers while they try to find the animals hidden in the woods.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Hardcover | 48pages | 280 mm x 67 mm x 260 mm

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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