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Grimm's Fairy Tales Mini Board Book Bundle (Set of 5) • 格林童話:幼幼撕不破小小書

Grimm's Fairy Tales Mini Board Book Bundle (Set of 5) • 格林童話:幼幼撕不破小小書

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This set has 5 carefully selected, Grimm's fairy tales, each consisting of a mini-book with 10 pages.
  1. "The Frog Prince" - Learning the Importance of Keeping Promises. When the little princess's golden ball falls into a pond, she promises the frog that she will be its friend if it retrieves the ball. Will the little princess keep her promise?

  2. "Little Red Riding Hood" - Learning to Be Cautious of Strangers. When Grandma falls ill, the big bad wolf disguises himself as Little Red Riding Hood to visit her. Can Little Red Riding Hood resolve the crisis?

  3. "Cinderella" - Learning the Importance of Resilience. The palace hosts a grand ball, but Cinderella is covered in dirt and lacks pretty clothes and shoes. What will she do?

  4. "The Bremen Town Musicians" - Learning the Importance of Optimism. A donkey escapes from its owner and meets a hunting dog, an old cat, and a rooster on the road. How will they live their lives?

  5. "Snow White" - Learning the Importance of Being Wary. The queen, jealous of Snow White's beauty, disguises herself as an old woman and gives Snow White a poisoned apple. Can Snow White escape danger?

Each mini-book are perfect for little hands and offers a captivating adventure that will entertain and inspire young readers.

This set accompanies the Cantonese Storytelling Tablet.

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Traditional Chinese

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: Windmill • 風車

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