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Good Night, Mr. Panda • 晚安,熊貓先生

Good Night, Mr. Panda • 晚安,熊貓先生

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Bestselling Mr. Panda is back with bedtime fun for everyone!

It is time for bed and Mr. Panda reminds his friends Hippopotamus, Skunk, Sheep, and Sloth that they each have forgotten to do something. Skunk has forgotten to take a bath, Hippopotamus needs to brush his teeth, Sloth is too tired to move, and much more. Mr. Panda is there to remind them of the steps they've missed. As Lemur eventually finds out, however, even Mr. Panda can make a bedtime mistake!

Steve Antony combines the ever-popular bedtime theme with the humour and fun that only Mr. Panda can bring.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for Please, Mr. Panda:

"A fun story time selection and a solid option for parents or teachers looking for a creative way to emphasize the importance of saying, 'Please' and 'Thank you.'" -- School Library Journal

Praise for I'll Wait, Mr. Panda:

"This lighthearted treatment of the rewards of patience is perfect for group sharing and may help youngsters remember to exercise a little more of it when next the need arises." -- School Library Journal

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Traditional Chinese

Hardcover | pages | x x

Publisher: 012book • 青林

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