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Agnes Wong

Dot Line Curve: The Little Reader Bundle

Dot Line Curve: The Little Reader Bundle

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The First Step For Little Readers
Engage your little reader in simple word-building and short rhymes that introduce the most commonly used traditional Chinese characters!

The Little Reader Bundle encourages progress from character recognition to forming words and longer sequences. This series supports budding readers in learning the building blocks of the Chinese language, helping them gain confidence with each character they recognize along the way.

Recommend to use following The Little Learner series.

The Bundle includes:

Includes access to an audio production of《我愛讀 : 三字童謠》The Little Reader: Short Chinese Rhymes, read in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

Recommended for children ages 4 and above.


  • Written with some of the most commonly used Chinese characters
  • Color-coded visual guidance encourages self-learning and helps build confidence
  • Develop pre-writing and fine motor skills with active touch & trace
  • Includes a complimentary learning guide with usage tips and play ideas


  • Characters written in traditional Chinese
  • English translations included
  • Printed with non-toxic soy ink
  • Manufactured with FSC® certification
  • CE certified for toy product safety

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Publisher: Dot Line Curve

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