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Don't Believe Me? Ask the Lion! • 不信你去問獅子

Don't Believe Me? Ask the Lion! • 不信你去問獅子

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An award-winning book documenting about all the silly things happening in the African safari!

The crocodile was scary looking, and everyone flees at first sight of it. So he would bask in the sun alone in the water.

Once a monkey was getting ready to eat a banana on the tree. When the crocodile opened its jaws and startled the monkey, it dropped the banana right into the crocodile's mouth.

The crocodile never has something so tasty! From that day onwards, it would patiently wait under the tree for bananas.

As the days passed, something weird happens - the crocodile turned into the colour of a banana! And his scary appearance also went away. Now he even offer rides to monkey to cross the river. Don't believe me? Ask the lion!

The lion who refuses to brush its teeth lost its fangs. Without those, it can't eat meat, and it loses its ferocious appearance! Can the forest dentist, Grandpa Baboon, help the lion?

The zebra lost her tail! Who can help find it for her?

The snake is very, very long. It's so long that when it visits friends, even after they have tea and had a good chat, its tail still hasn't made it into the door. How will he finally make this trait of it useful?

Whenever the elephant is happy, it breaks out into a tap dance. The resulting commotion often causes the monkeys to fall off the trees. How can these two live peacefully together?

Find out how each safari creature resolve their predicaments with this creative and silly laugh-out-loud book!

Softcover | 80 pages | 14.8 x 21cm

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Age 6-8

| pages | x x

Publisher: Eastern Publishing • 台灣東方

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