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Doctor Bear, You Can Do It! • 加油!熊醫生

Doctor Bear, You Can Do It! • 加油!熊醫生

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Feeling unwell? Hurry to the Bear Clinic!

On the outskirts of the animal village lies the Bear Clinic, where Miss Raccoon is the nurse. Early one morning, many children arrive for treatment. First up is Little Rabbit with a sore throat. Doctor Bear says, "Ah, open your mouth!" It turns out to be inflammation, easily cured with mouthwash and medicine. Next is Little Pig, complaining, "My stomach hurts!" Doctor Bear carefully examines with a stethoscope and diagnoses a cold, advising rest and medication. Lastly, Little Monkey comes for a flu shot. Seeing the large needle, he trembles nervously...

Visiting the doctor can be a nightmare for many children, especially the thought of taking medicine. However, no matter how much they dread it, they must go. Can parents do anything to alleviate their child's anxiety about seeing the doctor?

This book uses entertaining flip-flap pages to help children simulate doctor visits, familiarizing them with the pediatric clinic's environment, common childhood illnesses, and examination methods, helping them overcome their fear of seeking medical care.

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Traditional Chinese

Age 0-2

Hardcover | 38pages | 210 mm x 53 mm x 240 mm

Publisher: Hsinex • 上誼

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