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Detective Woof & Meow 1: The Museum Thief • 汪喵偵探1:博物館失竊事件

Detective Woof & Meow 1: The Museum Thief • 汪喵偵探1:博物館失竊事件

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Dive into the enchanting world of Detective Woof & Meow where the age-old feud between cats and dogs takes an unexpected twist. Contrary to expectations, the feline and canine protagonists not only peacefully coexist but also form an incredibly intuitive detective duo, cracking cases big and small. 

This renowned Korean book series is now translated to Chinese.

Meet Detective Woof, who has an extraordinary sense of smell and a penchant for chewing treats while contemplating challenges and Detective Meow, a round-bellied feline who springs into action with wit and creativity when solving cases. Together, they solve the mystery of the museum theft. As the story unfolds, readers are invited to follow along, search for clues, and solve the case alongside the dynamic duo.

This book not only captivates young readers with its engaging storyline but also offers valuable life lessons and learning opportunities.


  • Teamwork: features beloved cat and dog characters working together, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and mutual support.
  • Problem-Solving:  encourages children to approach problems calmly, think critically, and find solutions.
  • Imagination: invites children to imagine various scenarios while searching for clues. 
  • Brain Teasers: incorporates brain teasers such as spot-the-difference, mazes, and logic puzzles. This not only enhances logical thinking but also boosts concentration, memory, and observational skills.

Product Details

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 6-8

Hardcover | 96pages | 14.8 cm x 1.5 cm x 21 cm

Publisher: You Fu • 幼福

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