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噼哩啪啦 腸胃菌來了!Da-Da-Dum! It's Gastroenteritis!

噼哩啪啦 腸胃菌來了!Da-Da-Dum! It's Gastroenteritis!

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Oh dear! Doudou's been having constant tummy troubles! He's vomiting, running a fever, and his stomach ache just won't quit... Turns out, the pesky stomach bacteria brigade is causing havoc! Kids, do you know how to maintain good food hygiene?

  • Quirky designs of bacteria characters enhance reading enjoyment for kids.
  • Each book presents a short story, highlighting the unique traits of different bacteria.
  • Information pages provide detailed insights into bacteria.
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions at the end facilitate easy content review for children.
  • Discussion questions for parents or teachers promote engaging shared reading sessions.
  • Vibrant full-color printing and delightful illustrations capture children's attention.
  • Sturdy hardcover binding and rounded corners ensure safety for independent reading.

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Traditional Chinese

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 32pages | 24 cm x 22 cm x 1 cm

Publisher: WHEAT MEDIA • 小麥文化

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