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噼哩啪啦 皮膚菌來了!Da-Da-Dum! It's Dermatitis!

噼哩啪啦 皮膚菌來了!Da-Da-Dum! It's Dermatitis!

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Oh no! Doudou's feeling all itchy! Tiny red circles are popping up on his hands, and even his tummy and back are turning red... Turns out, the sneaky skin bacteria brigade is causing trouble - Dermatitis! Kids, do you know how to protect your skin?

  • Quirky designs of bacteria characters enhance reading enjoyment for kids.
  • Each book presents a short story, highlighting the unique traits of different bacteria.
  • Information pages provide detailed insights into bacteria.
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions at the end facilitate easy content review for children.
  • Discussion questions for parents or teachers promote engaging shared reading sessions.
  • Vibrant full-color printing and delightful illustrations capture children's attention.
  • Sturdy hardcover binding and rounded corners ensure safety for independent reading.

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Traditional Chinese

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 32pages | 25 cm x 25 cm x 1 cm

Publisher: WHEAT MEDIA • 小麥文化

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