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Clean Up and Learn to Cherish • 把東西收好,學會珍惜!

Clean Up and Learn to Cherish • 把東西收好,學會珍惜!

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The Stationery Planet is under attack by the messy witch and the dirty demon king. Come help Ginny and Benny save their stationery friends!

Buzz... buzz... buzz... suddenly, the alarm sounds. The Messy Witch and the Dirty Demon King are leading their army to conquer the Stationery Planet. What will Ginny and Bini do to save everyone?

Through an interesting and fantastical adventure story on the planet, children will learn to appreciate and develop the habit of tidying up.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 6-8

Hardcover | 48pages | 210 mm x 10 mm x 260 mm

Publisher: Enjoy Art • 童夢館

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