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Cantonese Idioms Storytelling Tablet • 廣東話有趣成語故事學習機

Cantonese Idioms Storytelling Tablet • 廣東話有趣成語故事學習機

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Chinese idioms are the epitomes of Chinese wisdom; a profound meaning can be expressed in just 4 words. 

Through the Idiom Storytelling Table you can learn Chinese idioms in a fun way by listening to stories and playing games. There are 56 stories waiting for you to explore. Each stories and example is only about 1 minute long.

This product contains two question-and-answer modes. Review what you have learned in the game, deepen your impression while playing, and make learning full of fun.

In addition, the tablet contains 8 wisdom stories, such as Cao Chong weighing an elephant, and a straw boat borrowing an arrow. Let children absorb the wisdom of the ancients and learn to solve difficulties.

The illustrations match the story, and you can understand the meaning of idioms more intuitively and concretely.

This product includes a learning manual, which lists explanations and examples in detail. After listening to story, let the children learn with the manual to further develop language skills that will be useful for life!



* Idiom Stories: Listen to 56 idiom stories.

* Idiom Explanation: Listen to the interpretation of idioms.

* Continuous play: Press the button to play from the first story to the last.

* Pause button: The story can be paused, and it can be continued by pressing it again.

* Idiom Challenge: Listen to the explanation and choose the correct idiom.

* Idiom game: Choose the answer O or X through life-like content.

* Study manual: Have a deeper understanding of idioms.


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Traditional Chinese

Age 6-8

Audiobook | pages | x x

Publisher: Parent Shop 家長會

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