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Cantonese Four Main Classics • 粵語四大名著套裝

Cantonese Four Main Classics • 粵語四大名著套裝

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This is a set of four classic stories, 《粵語紅樓夢 A Dream of the Red Chamber》,《粵語西遊記 Journey to the West》,《粵語三國演義 The Three Kingdoms》, and《粵語水滸傳 Water Margin》, adapted into authentic Cantonese allowing parents and children to easily dive into the world of classics when reading together.  This unique set comes with a specially designed pencil case. 


  1. Parent-child interactive reading book: Tell stories with your child in a playful way using everyday spoken Cantonese
  • Read classics in Cantonese: Read and enjoy four major classics in a fun way
  • QR code audio: Listen to the story by scanning the QR code in each chapter



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Traditional Chinese

Age 9+

Audiobook | pages | x x

Publisher: HK Open Page • 香港中和出版有限公司

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