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Butt Detective Reader #9 - Lucky Cat Cafe • 屁屁偵探讀本 09幸運貓落到誰手上!

Butt Detective Reader #9 - Lucky Cat Cafe • 屁屁偵探讀本 09幸運貓落到誰手上!

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The acclaimed Butt Detective series returns with a reader series designed primarily for elementary school students or any readers for ready for bridge books. Each book contains two stories. 

The most important skill for a detective is reasoning ability. Even with just a tiny clue, one can use reasoning to solve a case. That's what makes a detective. - Butt Detective

This 9th installment introduces a mysterious new character! The keyword running through this volume is none other than "Lucky Cat." Not only do readers get to know the charming family behind the "Lucky Cat" café, but the mysteries to be unraveled are closely tied to the "Lucky Cat" as well. Who would have thought that the rare artifacts at the art auction had such a huge secret behind them? And it puts the café owner and Brown in danger! Can Butt Detective unravel the mystery and save them both? What is the international criminal organization "Thief Academy" mentioned in the "News Report"? Let's follow Butt Detective, with his black top hat and elegant suit, as we delve into the historic art auction to witness the touching love story of the elders!

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 9+

Hardcover | 96pages | 148 mm x 15 mm x 210 mm

Publisher: Yuan-Liou • 遠流

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