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Butt Detective Reader #7 - The Monster In Good View Resort • 屁屁偵探讀本 07好景莊有妖怪

Butt Detective Reader #7 - The Monster In Good View Resort • 屁屁偵探讀本 07好景莊有妖怪

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The acclaimed Butt Detective series returns with a reader series designed primarily for elementary school students or any readers for ready for bridge books. Each book contains two stories. 

The most important skill for a detective is reasoning ability. Even with just a tiny clue, one can use reasoning to solve a case. That's what makes a detective. - Butt Detective

A mysterious rumor spreads about a haunted abandoned resort near the park where Little Koala often plays. The rumor scares children away from the park, prompting Little Koala, to seek Butt Detective's help in restoring the park's liveliness. Meanwhile, Chief Marshal from the Police Station is also busy as several cases of break-ins occur in the area, prompting increased patrols.

Is there truly a big monster that attacks children? As Butt Detective, Little Koala, and Brown break through barriers to enter the manor at night, what challenges will they face? What's behind the sudden increase in break-in cases?

In addition to the suspenseful adventure, the seventh volume of the Butt Detective series also features the delightful "Case within a Case" tale, promising brain-teasing challenges and hearty laughter for everyone.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 9+

Hardcover | 96pages | 148 mm x 15 mm x 210 mm

Publisher: Yuan-Liou • 遠流

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