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Butt Detective Reader #6 - The Strange Detective Agency • 屁屁偵探讀本 06怪怪偵探事務所

Butt Detective Reader #6 - The Strange Detective Agency • 屁屁偵探讀本 06怪怪偵探事務所

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The acclaimed Butt Detective series returns with a reader series designed primarily for elementary school students or any readers for ready for bridge books. Each book contains two stories.  

The most important skill for a detective is reasoning ability. Even with just a tiny clue, one can use reasoning to solve a case. That's what makes a detective. - Butt Detective

This thrilling 6th installment features a showdown between two master detectives.

A suspicious character opens a new detective agency in Butt Detective's town, challenging him to solve cases faster. To everyone's surprise, Butt Detective loses in this "century's greatest duel." Later, when a bank is robbed, the newcomer swiftly gains the town's favor and aids in solving the case. Who committed the bank robbery? Unexpected plot twists, engaging puzzles, and the beloved "Spot the Butt" game make for a delightful read.

Meanwhile, a dad grows concerned about his daughter's secretive behavior and hires Butt Detective to tail her. Butt Detective must employ his tracking skills discreetly. Meanwhile, hidden secrets unravels at her father's birthday party, leading to heartwarming revelations.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 9+

Hardcover | 96pages | 148 mm x 15 mm x 210 mm

Publisher: Yuan-Liou • 遠流

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