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Habbi Habbi: Book of Careers - Vol 2 (Dads)

Habbi Habbi: Book of Careers - Vol 2 (Dads)

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The perfect complement to the first "Careers (Vol 1 featuring Moms). This one (Vol 2) features Dads! Learn about Dad's career, what he does, and the objects and environment around him. If our Moms book celebrated strong women excelling in traditional 'male' careers, this Dads book celebrates different spheres where Dads have an impact - from public service (Mayor) to home ('Domestic Engineer').

Bilingual book in Mandarin with simplified Chinese and pinyin  (one hardcover board book). Reading Wand NOT included.

Book type: Sentence book

Spreads: Astronaut, Domestic engineer, Mayor, Firefighter, Nurse, Movie director, Venture capitalist

Every inch is tappable:
Tap left-side sentences: To hear it read aloud
Tap right-side boxes: To hear vocabulary, objects in scene
Tap Dad: To hear his expression in the scene
Tap the illustration: Explore the objects in dad's environment
Tap background: To hear the setting he is in
Tap illustrated object on left: For a fun musical tune paired to each page

Product Details

Bilingual Simplified with Pinyin

Age 3-5

Board Book | pages | 10 in x 1 in x 10 in

Publisher: Habbi Habbi

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