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Bilingual Sensory Flash Cards (Series 2) • 觸感全腦圖像中英文字卡 (第二輯)

Bilingual Sensory Flash Cards (Series 2) • 觸感全腦圖像中英文字卡 (第二輯)

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Continuing learning Chinese characters with bilingual sensory flash cards series 2. Mix and match with series 1 to make new words. 

Each character has a tactile sandpaper card, allowing you to trace with your fingers to learn the order of strokes and write the character. An accompanying picture card further helps you associate the character with the meaning. 

This set comes with a cardboard detective magnifying glass for playing guessing game, word search and more. 


* Bilingual: learn Chinese and English

* 150 Chinese characters

* Learn character strokes order and radical

* Mix and Match with Series 1 to make new words

* Fun games 

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Traditional Chinese

Age 6-8

Other | pages | x x

Publisher: Parent Shop 家長會

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