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Asae and Her Little Sister • 佳佳的妹妹不見了

Asae and Her Little Sister • 佳佳的妹妹不見了

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Asae Grows Up, I Have To Help Take Care Of My Sister Today, I Didn't Expect It To Be Missing As Soon As I Didn't Notice It! Can You Find Her In A Hurry Asae? Before Mom Goes Out, Please AsaeIs Responsible For Taking Care Of Her Sister. AsaeComforts Her Sister While Helping Her Wear Shoes, Then Hold My Sister's Soft Little Hands To The Door To Play, She Suddenly Felt That She Became A Big Sister Herself! AsaeConcentrates On Drawing Rails On The Road With Chalk, But Looks Up, But Found Out My Sister Is Missing! Asae Is Looking Everywhere On The Road, But Can't Find My Sister Anywhere... ──Sincerely Sister's Love, Make An Unexpected Journey To Find People!

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Hardcover | 36pages | x x

Publisher: Parenting • 親子天下

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