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Akira Tago's Activity Book - Mazes (Age 5) • 走迷宮5歲-多湖輝的NEW頭腦開發

Akira Tago's Activity Book - Mazes (Age 5) • 走迷宮5歲-多湖輝的NEW頭腦開發

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Part of a bestselling activity book series (39 million copies sold), this is a great activity book for kids who loves problem-solving!

Printed in full colour with rewards stickers, with fun and engaging activities designed for 5 year-olds . This book is designed to develop hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills and problem soliving abilities.

Designed by Akira Tago who was a Japanese psychologist. He was an honorary emeritus of Tokyo Future University and a professor emeritus of Chiba University. He was also known for designing the puzzles of video games, including the Professor Layton series, in which he is cited as a "Puzzle Master" in the credits.

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Traditional Chinese

Paperback | pages | x x

Publisher: Windmill • 風車

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