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Toshio Iwai 岩井俊雄

100-Storey Home Board Game • 親子桌遊派對:100層樓的家

100-Storey Home Board Game • 親子桌遊派對:100層樓的家

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This board game, crafted by author Toshio Iwai, may only consist of 100 image cards and 100 read-aloud cards, but it unfolds into over ten different gameplay styles. Inspired by the bestselling picture book "100 Story House," the game uses characters and structures from the book to design cards and rules. Beyond its initial focus on basic arithmetic skills, the game expands learning to include concepts like prime numbers and decimals. It also nurtures essential skills in physical kinesthetics, emotional education, linguistic abilities, and interpersonal interactions.

Game Features:

  • A "Parent-Child Reading Companion" booklet
  • Nine different innovative game plays, adaptable to different number of players and ages, keeping the game playable and interesting as your child grows
  • 🃏 100 image cards + 100 word cards + game manual = a comprehensive learning experience!
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