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Yumiko Fukuzawa 福沢由美子

The Long Queue at the Squirrel's Chocolate Shop • 大排長龍的松鼠巧克力店

The Long Queue at the Squirrel's Chocolate Shop • 大排長龍的松鼠巧克力店

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Join the queue for deliciousness in this delightful picture book! A tale of love, sharing, and hope.

In a season abundant with ripe fruits, Red Squirrel and Chipmunk, wandering through the forest and unexpectedly encounter a big brother collecting nuts. It turns out he collects nuts to make chocolate. Holding a box of chocolate gifted by the big brother, Red Squirrel and Chipmunk share the chocolate along the way with chicks, wolves, frogs... The chocolate not only soothes quarrels and comforts wounded hearts but also brings courage! However, with so many animals in need of chocolate, what can Red Squirrel and Chipmunk do?

After you've finished the book, be sure to try out the simple 30min recipe in the back cover!

This book is part of the Long Queue Series.

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 32pages | 215 mm x 90 mm x 263 mm

Publisher: Chiu Tong • 九童

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