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Yumiko Fukuzawa 福沢由美子

The Long Queue at Grandpa's Pasta Shop • 大排長龍的爺爺義大利麵店

The Long Queue at Grandpa's Pasta Shop • 大排長龍的爺爺義大利麵店

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Join the queue for deliciousness in this delightful picture book! A tale of love, sharing, and hope.

When times get tough, it's all about helping each other out!

The Mouse family loves Grandpa's homemade pasta. While enjoying their delicious meal, suddenly, they get interrupted by a hungry little red panda, and find themselves in a surprising adventure of mutual aid. Crossing forests, encountering various small animals, and experiencing special moments along the way, they learn the joy of teamwork and achieving goals together. What happens in the end? Why is everyone lining up? 

Maintaining the signature style of the bestselling Long Queue series, this book dives deeper into the theme of animals helping each other, allowing children to better understand the joy of cooperation.

After you've finished the book, be sure to try out the simple 30min recipe in the back cover!

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Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Age 3-5

Hardcover | 32pages | 215 mm x 90 mm x 263 mm

Publisher: Chiu Tong • 九童

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